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events management

list of tasks in the organizer
list of messages
messages tasks status
date of the messages tasks

to take on the tasks

decline tasks

delete tasks messages

weekly messages tasks events

monthly messages tasks eventsmy messages tasks eventsopen messages tasks events
search messages tasks events
price of the task
cost of the task

active and past events in the system

to-do list

who did the task of the message

who was the target of the message

number of postsevents tasks messages for today

project to which the event task is related

active are highlighted in color
tasks made green

not done tasks are red

focus on the created task message

remembering the filter for the session

formatting the text you typed

quick answers and messages

important message task events at the top

adaptive web design

nothing extra
only useful events functionality

quick and simple event search

tag search

total price for all tasksconvenient button layout

tips on all items

full control of your events

complete management of their tasks

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Total cost: {{events | filter:{OwnerEventId:null} | filter:searchFilter | filter:filterPeriod | filter:filterStatus | sumByKey:'Cost'}}
Events not found.

An event can be created using the following links: «+ Message», «+ Task» in the main menu.