"RAINBOW" decorative table lamp

Friday, May 1, 2020 | Ksusha Malva | Product for a child | I have been using the product more than a month
The RAINBOW lamp is a small table lamp. It is in the form of a rainbow and also shines with rainbow colors. Very suitable for room decor. It runs on batteries. Even on cloudy days, it will cheer you up.
  • Light source type: led light
  • Shade material: PVC
  • Average service life: 50000
  • Light color: FL-Rainbow neon
  • Voltage: 3.5
  • Dimensions: 230*190*85mm
  • Power supply mode: battery
  • Light source power: 10W
Why this?

Quarantine, homeschooling, I decided to arrange a recreation area for myself. I saw this lamp on sale and it really interested me. It should perfectly fit into my interior. I decided to ask for a birthday present for me. The lamp has a very convenient size, and it needs only three batteries. Very smooth and pleasant color transitions. And I did not miscalculate with the choice of a gift, it is just wonderful and cheers me up on these cloudy days.



What improved?

1. This lamp decorates my room! Very beautiful rainbow light.


2. As I said, the lamp works on three batteries. Thus, even if the electricity goes out, the lamp will work.

3. It shines very brightly and creates a beautiful illumination.

4. It's just magical.


How used?

In general, the batteries were inserted about a month ago, but the lamp still works. The lamp also glows from the other side but more pastel.


I also decorated the white base with stickers. (Stickers are not included)

A very cool thing decorates my little common room every day!

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