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Sunday, November 7, 2021 | Serhii Baranski | Product for garden | I have been using the product more than a month
Heavy-duty thick steel hook, sturdy enough to support heavily loaded items. Made of high-quality iron and rubber. Super sturdy and has a nice finish. Cover with soft rubber to protect your item from scratches and slips. The hanging hooks surface has a smooth coating that prevents rust even in wet weather during long time use. Multi-functional usage, you can use to organize your tools, ladders, bikes, etc. The upgraded two-hole design makes great hold of the weight stably compared to the one-hole hanger. The hooks come with screws and wall plugs. Fits for plaster, wood, brick, and concrete walls.
  • Item Name: Heavy Duty Metal Hooks
  • Material: Iron (Anti-rust coating on the surface)
  • Ultimate Load Bearing:15~25KG
  • Mounting Type: ‎Wall Mount
  • Color: Orange, Black, Grey, Blue, Yellow
  • Applicable scene: Kitchen, Garage, Bathroom, Garden, Door, etc.
Why this?

In the summer, I built a utility storage house on my site. In the new utility house, I placed shelves and put my various tools and things on them, but the question arose where and how to place gardening tools? I also wanted to place shovels and other accessories for clearing snow behind the utility house as it takes up a lot of space and is needed only in winter. I watched different options from a stand in the corner to special hooks. I liked these the most. They can be placed independently, there are different hooks for different tools and they are quite sturdy.


What improved?

First of all, this, of course, brings order to the utility house. It turned out very conveniently and beautifully, on the one hand, I installed shelving, on the other - a garden tool. All gardening tools are in one place and it is very easy and convenient to take and hang back. Since the hooks are hung on the wall, this takes up a minimum amount of useful space, which in my case is also very important.


I have placed and grouped different instruments as I like. Now I can quickly find any tool I need. It also improves cleanliness as I don't want to hang dirty tools on the wall. 


How used?

Hooks come with a set of screws for mounting on various walls. Can be mounted on drywall, wood, brick, and others. Since I have wooden walls, I used the black self-tapping screws that I had. All screws in the set are light-colored. I fastened the hooks one by one, trying them on with the tool that I was going to hang on them. Each hook is secured with two screws. In general, everything is pretty simple.


Behind the utility storage house, I installed two hooks and hung all the snow removal tools on them. It turned out also quite convenient and practical.


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