Table vise (360-degree rotation)

Thursday, January 7, 2021 | Serhii Baranski | Product for home | I have been using the product more than a year
An indispensable tool used in production, in a garage, workshop, or at home. They are used for reliable rigid fixation of parts for the purpose of their processing. The aluminum ball and socket allows the jaws to tilt and rotate 360° but holds firmly in place at any angle. It features 3" wide rubber-coated jaws to help protect your items from scratching or marring, which open to approximately 2 inches, providing ample space for most small jobs.
  • Weight: 867g
  • Jaw Width: 7.8 cm
  • Color:silver
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Dimension (upright): ~14.5(L) x 7.8(W) x 26(H)cm
Why this?

I have an old vise that I actively use when doing my hobby projects. But sometimes it is convenient to fix the part at an angle when working with a mini engraver or soldering iron, or even just for cutting. I started looking for a replacement for the old vice and found these. They are made of soft metal and will not suitable for working with a sledgehammer, but they are ideal for small jobs. They allow you to firmly fix the part, thanks to the rubber inserts, they do not spoil the product and make it possible to choose a suitable angle for work.


What improved?

I can say that this is an important assistant who helps when working on personal hobby projects. You get used to such things very quickly and just actively use them. This definitely helps to do the job faster and better.


How used?

There are many versions of this vise from many manufacturers and in some comments, I came across reviews for poor quality and defects. The vice that I ordered is of pretty good quality and this is the product that I expected to receive. I have been using them for more than a year, there are no complaints and I hope they will serve me for a long time. I want to emphasize again, they are not for rough work.

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